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Suits and Sundays 2019

Kim & Bryan



Good food means happy people, right?!

At Suits you eat & drink in a varied, healthy and, above all, very tasty way. Choose your favorites and we serve them fresh when you need them.

Vegan, gluten-free or other special dietary requirements? No problem! We provide a customized menu, at least as tasty as the fixed menu.



Coffee, tea, water & cookies

Homemade brownies

Lunch - Italian or Poké bowl

Nachos with dip - vegetable sticks with hummus

1 x fresh


Other drinks on post-calculation

Schermafbeelding 2019-11-16 om 15.36.32.

Late snacks

Scale with - fuet - old crumbled cheese - manchego - fig bread - grapes - olives - cherry tomatoes

Vegetable sticks - hummus

Breakbread - aioli - tapande


Drinks - cava - beer - white wine - red wine - soda


Drinks on recalculation



Yogurt - granola - red fruit - cinnamon

Avocado toast

Fresh orange juice

Banana - apples

Image by Le Buzz


Cola - Fanta - Cola light

San pellegino water

San pellegrino limonade



Italian lunch from Bigoli - various delicious sandwiches

Fresh pasta salad

Soup of the day

San Pellegrino Frisian & Grapefruit Mint Fruit Water.


Poké bowl - rice - mango - fresh tuna - seaweed - avocado - homemade sauce

Sushi roll - rice - salmon - seaweed - avocado


Coffee, tea & water

Coffee (including cappuccino, flat whites and double espressos)


Fresh mint & ginger tea


Kilners filled with fruit water


Cookies & chocolate

Do you need multiple rooms or the entire building for your event or conference? That is of course possible! Come by for a nice coffee and see our rooms or request a customized quote via our request form.